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Oral History

‘I became physicist in psychology and it helped me to find my place.'

Watch the whole interview with emeritus-professor Psycholinguistics Pim Levelt.

Publication (Dutch)

Four founders of educational science (Vier grondleggers van de onderwijskunde)

ADNG published a serie of five books on founders of the academic psychology , pedagogy en educational science in the Netherlands.

The heritage of the Dutch Behavioral Sciences

From old pictures to interviews with professors: everything about the history of Dutch psychology, pedagogy, and educational sciences are in the archives of ADNG. This foundation aims to preserve and make accessible this heritage together with the participants that support us.


Vittorio Busato interviews Ad Kerkhof on his career and the importance of suïcideprevention. Ad Kerkhof is a professor at the Free University at Amsterdam. Interview Ad Kerkhof.


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