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The foundation ADNG arose from the workgroup Historic Materials Psychology (HMP), which was founded on May 25th, 1989, and the foundation Archive and Documentation Center of the Dutch Psychology (ADNP).

The founders, prof. dr. Pieter van Strien en prof. dr. Willem Hofstee amongst others, were psychologists working at the university, and in business. The foundation gave the efforts workgroup a steady base.

The foundation ADNG aims to preserve, and make accessible the heritage of Dutch psychology, pedagogy, and educational sciences.

The value of history was not only on the material side of practicing psychology, as is emphasized by a modification of the statutes on November 25th, 1994. The foundation Archive, and Documentation center of the Dutch Psychology (ADNP) widening its original goals.

Soon after starting out pedagogical literature and materials were placed in the archives and collections. Educational science complemented the collection profile. These were good reasons to review the statutes again. On February 18th, 2008 the foundation continued its work under its current name: Archive and Documentation Center Dutch Behavioral Sciences (ADNG).

Board, and staff members of ADNG

Prof. dr. Em. Willem Koops, emeritus-professor ‘Principles of developmental psychology and pedagogy’ at the University of Utrecht.

Staf member:
Prof. dr. Mineke van Essen, emeritus-profossor genderstudy and historian at the University of Groningen.

Dr. Vittorio Busato, psycholoog en auteur, chief editor of De Psycholoog.

(De bestuursleden zijn vrijwilligers die incidenteel (reis)kosten en vacatiegelden krijgen vergoed)

Dr. Ingrid van der Bij, historian and archivist.
(In service of the University of Groningen, freely lend out to ADNG)

Advisory committee

Members of the Advisory committee are the connection between participants and the ADNG. They advise and support the board.

Advisory committee members:
Drs. Monique Rook on behalf of the Dutch Association for Psychologists (NIP) at Utrecht

Dr. Hilda Amsing on behalf of the Faculty of Behavioral, and Social Sciences at the University of Groningen

Prof. Dr. Em. Henk van der Molen on behalf of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Erasmus University Rotterdam

Prof. Dr. Em. Klaas Sijtsma on behalf of the Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences Tilburg University

Dr. Jannes Eshuis on behalf of the Faculty of Psychology, and Educational Science of the Open University Heerlen

Dr. E. Mulder on behalf of the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences at the Universiteit van Amsterdam

Prof. dr. Peter Muris on behalf of the Faculty Cultural and Social Sciences of the University of Maastricht

Prof. dr. Sabine Hunnius on behalf of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Radboud University Nijmegen

Prof. Dr. Carsten de Dreu on behalf of de Faculty Social Sciences of the University of Leiden

Prof. dr. L.J.A. Vriens on behalf of Dutch Association of Pedagogs and Educationalists (NVO) Utrecht

On behalf of the Association for Educational Researchers (VOR) Heerlen (is still open)

Drs. A. Bunjes on behalf of de Dutch Association for Psychotechnics (NSvP) Arnhem


Collectieprofile ADNG 2017

Policy plan 2019-2023
The ADNG strives to enrich the archives and collection in its care and to ameliorate service to students, teachers, and anyone interested. The main goals are captured in the policy plan of the ADNG. Beleid_2019-2023_ADNG.

Annual reports
Read all about our projects and what we have achieved so far thanks to our dependable participants and our enthusiastic volunteers.

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The ADNG is a foundation with notarised statutes (2008). In this document the goals of the foundation, the arrangement of the board and the rights of the participants are explained. Statutes_ADNG