Oral History

Oral history is a scientific method of historiography. This primary source of contemporary history is recorded with digital video. The viewer meets the interviewed professor.

Oral history matters. It is an important complementary source of historiography. Outstanding scientists who made history in their field should be heard by future generations. Therefore ADNG started a video interview project. Around twenty emeriti professors were interviewed about their career, vision, and reflection on (current) psychology by dr. Vittorio Busato, and historian dr. Jacques Dane. The interviews are filmed by Ernst Boskamp, and can be viewed on this site, and on YouTube.

Just like the book series on Founders of the Dutch Behavioral Sciences the ADNG contributes to the contemporary history of psychology, pedagogy, and educational sciences with this project. The project was facilitated through the financial contribution of the Van Strien Fund.

The structure of the interviews was partly guided by a protocol designed by the Society for Research in Child Development for a comparable project in writing. It served as no more than a guideline, because the interviews needed to be spontaneous conversations with very little editing.